Green Sustainable Construction

When constructing or remodeling your home, consider using a sustainable design, renewable materials, and energy efficient practices to save money and diminish negative impact on the environment.

Green construction techniques are used to create homes and buildings that use resources in an environmentally-friendly way. Historically, green building has been focused primarily on pollution and waste reduction. Today, the concept of green construction has expanded to reflect a building's sustainability, as well as its impact on occupants' health, productivity and energy bills. There is a multitude of choices available for those interested in green building, including tight building envelope (exterior skin, windows, doors, roofing, insulation) options, green materials (earth-friendly materials, recycled content, reclaimed materials), solar energy, efficient water use (low-flow sinks, showers utilizing native plants, water recycling systems), air quality (balance ventilation needs with the energy-saving benefits of tight building envelope), etc. 

We will be happy to offer and explain all the various green options that are available for your project. A combination of green sustainable options along with traditional building techniques can be utilized on any project!